Audience-Driven Planning

While most of us understand the importance of engaging an audience, it’s so much harder to get our heads around all of our potential audiences in the new media environment. 


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Let’s take a look at some of your audience’s needs and expectations:

What device(s) is your audience using to access content?

Probably the most important thing to think about is what device(s) the audience is likely to use to access your material. These days, people use their phones more than any other device. So it has become standard that all content should work on a mobile device but it’s always worth checking all devices to make sure there are no problems.

Is your content easy for your audience to discover?

It pretty much goes without saying (but we will say it anyway) that making your work easily discoverable is important. Links to content on the front page of your website or blog are essential. Taking time to write decent headlines, along with photos and videos which capture the story will increase your discoverability.

Now, think about where the audience is likely to be online. Are there Facebook pages which relate to the content? Can you get them to share your links? You would be surprised how an email to key people asking for a share really works.

We want to use the right apps to reach the audiences we are after.

There is no point in using applications and software that won’t work across all platforms. Make sure that there are no barriers to the content which require people to sign up or download. The slightest hitch here could see you losing people who have shown enough interest to find your content.

What we don’t want is to force the audience to behave in ways they don’t want to.

You know from your own behaviour online, if you are required to do something which you don’t want to do you give up. Paywalls have definitely caused problems for the big media organisations. Pop ups on phones can be really annoying.

Think about the ease of accessibility online in the same way we think about our radio station’s reception – if the is a problem with something- fix it, fast.

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