Some of the best live moments in radio, when the magic happens!

3wbc primary perspectives

3WBC Primary Perspectives- Music Matters

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This group of young primary school kids are just so into doing their radio show that it is not hard to imagine that they will grow up to start their own groundbreaking production like the successful Radiolab crew. Like many other pieces in AudioLab, kids… Listen here
fair comment logo

Fair Comment

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Fair Comment is a program which goes to air live and is produced by 4EB and 4ZZZ covering a range of local stories. Audio produced by Fair Comment, presented by 4ZZZ & 4EB Listen here
RTR OB in the pines

RTR- Interviews

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Doing a good interview with musicians is much harder than you can imagine. trying to think of questions that they haven't been asked before is probably the biggest chalenge. These interviews from RTR in Perth are both great examples of what you can do if you… Listen here
3MDR Hills Hoist

3MDR - Hills Hoist

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**NOTE: This radio show no longer exists.** 3MDR in Melbourne's Mountain District area has found a great way to not only support Australian music, but also build their own unique library of local music. Each week the Hills Hoist program invites local… Listen here