Project Team

Kath Letch Senior Mentor

Kath Letch has worked in Community Bordcasting for decades and has held some of the most senior positions including President and General Manager of the CBAA (not at the same time!), station manager and she is presently a management consultant working on various sector projects. Kath actually started out in education and is known as one of the sector’s great people managers.

Nicola Joseph Project Manager and Mentor

Nicola Joseph is the current CEO of the CMTO and has worked in the sector for decades as well. At the ABC, Nicola headed the Radio National Women’s unit, presenting a national women’s program. She was also the senior consultant on the Asia Pacific women in Media Project managed by Isis International in Manila, Philippines for several years- a job which saw training women across the region as well as attending international NGO conferences on women in the media. Known for her skills as the fastest editor – in analogue or digital – Nicola has also learnt to develop websites and new media content.

Giordana Caputo Mentor

Giordana Caputo is the Training Manager at the CMTO and is a champion of women in new media and technology. A self-taught geek she feels strongly that women need to get their hands dirty in the back of websites and in setting up outside broadcasts.

Project Participants

In the first month of the project we will be getting participants to put their profiles up. Come back and check out some of the brightest new talent in the sector.