How do you raise money? Do you have an idea you want to develop, but not sure where to start?

Our connection with our audiences is the unique strength of community broadcasting – but how can it support our financial sustainability?

Think Big is a fully-funded online learning and mentoring program designed to support community radio and television stations to strengthen and diversify income.

Small groups of up to 3 people from each station are invited to apply and undertake the course together so that the learnings can be actioned at an organisational level.


Part One: What's the Big Idea? 

Using case studies and skills from across the sector, the first part of this three-part course focuses on audience support through membership, subscriptions and sponsorship.

Participants will reflect on their station strengths and consolidate their audience support plan through a program of webinars, online learning and mentoring, topped off with a fully funded residential workshop to share ideas and develop informal support networks.

This will lead into a second course focusing on fundraising campaigns and project development. 

Participants looking to formalise their learning will then be invited to undertake the third part of the course which includes accredited units from the CUA Creative Arts and Culture Training Package. 


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